Managing DNS, Email, Hosting, Website Builder, SiteLock and CodeGuard through your HTTP API Integration

The following Services reside on separate servers from the ones you connect to, via the HTTP API, due to this, your Customers need to login to their (individual) Control Panels, for managing such Services:

  • DNS

  • Email (Email Forwarding)

  • Web Services (Legacy Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Builder)

Gibraltar .GI Registry now provides you with another method of directly allowing access to your Customer, to manage the above Products / Services from your interfaces itself.

To accomplish this, you need to pass the following parameters to the mentioned URL, via an HTTP POST method:

URL: https://<Your_Control Panel_Branded_URL>/servlet/ManageServiceServletForAPI

  • auth-token: You need to generate an authentication token, that you need to pass as the value of this parameter for allowing the Customer to manage his Order. This can be accomplished by calling the HTTP API Generating a Token method. The generated authentication token will be valid for a very short period of time and you should use it immediately upon generating it.

  • orderid: The Order ID of the Order that your Customer wants to manage. In case of DNS, Email Service, the Order ID of the Product associated with the DNS / Email Service needs to be passed. Based on the orderid, the productCategory will be determined.


    For DNS / Email Service Orders that do not have any other Product associated with them, you can continue to pass the existing orderid to reach the DNS Management Console and Email Service Management interface respectively.

  • service-name: This parameter needs to be passed to manage the specified service name. The value of this parameter needs to be either:

    • dns: For managing DNS Service.

    • mailfwd: For managing Email Forwarding Service.

    • premiumdns: For managing Premium DNS Service.

    • webhosting: For managing Web Hosting Service.

    • mailhosting: For managing Email Hosting Service.

    • websitebuilder: For managing Website Builder Service.


    panel: This parameter needs to be passed to manage WHM. The value of this parameter needs to be whm.


    For Orders, you can pass the corresponding Product Key as the value for this parameter.

    Additional Information

    Product Keys

You would need to create an intermediate interface, which should call the Generating a Token HTTP API method and build a URL with orderid, auth-token and service-name/panel as parameters, and then redirect the Customer to this URL.

Java Example:

Let us call this interface a servlet named ManageOrderBoxControlPanel.

  1. This interface would accept the Order ID of the Order or the Order ID of the Service associated with DNS or Email Service as a parameter. So, in order to manage a Service, you will call this interface with https://<Your-Server-URL>/ManageOrderBoxControlPanel?orderid=<orderid>.

  2. This servlet would need to call the Generating a Token HTTP API method.

  3. The final URL to which you would then redirect your Customer to, would look like:

    • For management of WHM: https://<Your_Branded_URL>/servlet/ManageServiceServletForAPI?auth-token=<auth-token>&orderid=<orderid>&panel=whm

    • For management of DNS Service, Email (Email Forwarding) Service: https://<Your_Branded_URL>/servlet/ManageServiceServletForAPI?auth-token=<auth-token>&orderid=<orderid>&service-name=<servicename>